Monday, October 12, 2009

Most recent article on Dastangoi

This article was based on interviews conducted after a show at the Kamla Nehru College, New Delhi on 19thh August 2009. You can go to the link and read more if you like,

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Usha Shetty said...

Hi Mahmood,

Just read this article in Deccan Herald where you've mentioned in the interview that you're interested in performing Ganga Avtaran. Wanted to tell you that if it is about the mythological descent of river Ganga to earth, there is a lady here in Bangalore called Deepika who practises a form of storytelling called Rasaloka ( again a revival of an old art form) detailed & lively storytelling,45 mts - 1 hour each, revolving around a particular episode from mythology, with a visual prop ( a tableau of the climactic scene created by her). She has done the Ganga Avataranam and I have watched this piece (she does it in English), its lovely!