Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dastan at Kala Ghoda

Pranav Sharma, a fellow blogger, was at the Dastan performance at the Kala Ghoda Festival. He took few snaps and a video of our performance. I am stealing the links from his blog and posting them here. I hope he would not mind it. :-)



Dastan in The Walled City

Hey Everyone,

I don't know whether you're getting bored watching us in the same postures at different settings or not. But I feel we're obliged to serve you with each of our performance detail. Afterall, we live from one performance to another. So, please bear with us.

We were invited to perform dastan at Balak Mata Centre in Matia Mahal in the Walled City. It has been one of our desires to perform in the Walled City. Though Mahmood once performed on the steps of the Jama Masjid but it was a solo act. It was my first chance to be in the Walled City and I was kicked about it. The place was a portico of an old haveli that has now been converted into a children education centre. Yasmin Sahiba, the director/ principal whatever you may call her of Balak Mata Centre, is a petite enthusiastic lady and had seen our performance at The Attic. She was keen that we perform at her centre's annual function and when Fouzia extended this invitation to us, we readily accepted it. Though the place was noisy with kids fluttering around us, we still loved it. Afterall, the yesteryear dastangos didn't perform to a captive audience. It was an open forum where people walked in and walked out, gossiping, sipping tea, chewing paan, etc.

Our friend G Rajaraman, a sports editor with the Outlook magazine, clicked some photographs. We bring them to you here. :-)

Thanks for supporting us.

Your Dastango,


What is he picking upon? Your senses. :-)

Are you ready for our tales?

Hindustan Jannat Nishaan.

Ok, I've got you now!

Amar Ayaar concocting a story.

A tale being spun.

Barq Firangi never tires of his Ayyaari.

What possibly could be my thoughts? Ah! The Kids!

The tale ends.

Almost Island Revisited

The Preamble

The Dastngo's prepare for a performance.

The Post-performance Dinner (From L to R): George Szirtes, Clarissa Upchurch, Munir Mohanty, Sharmistha Mohanty, Nagai Mariko, Ian Allan Sealy, Vivek Narayanan, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Kabir Mohanty, Ashwini Bhatt, Danish Husain, Mrs. A.K. Mehrotra.

Photographs courtsey: Clarissa Upchurch