Sunday, October 04, 2009


Dear All,

A wonderful oppurtunity has come our way in form of the Prithvi Platform performances, which takes place during the Prithvi Theatre festival. We have been asked to showcase our new Dastango's. In October, when we continue with our workshop, we will also be choosing two people to perform for half hour, as part of the platform performances. The date slotted to us is the 12th of November. Who all will be ready by then?

Please watch this space for information on other festivals.


Piggy Little said...

is it only for people who were able to participate in the workshoop held in septmeber?

mafa said...

I am afraid so. Otherwise it may be quite unfair to those who did participate, don't you think so.

Piggy Little said...

of course, obviously :)
was just trying my luck, was unable to make it due to professional commitments to apply for te workshop :)
bt i shall come and watch :)

Where imagination goes to die said...

This is very exciting!
Will the indomitable Husain and Dan also be performing?

Zachary said...

I must admit that I am new to this art form, but am very intrigued and would love to come watch. Where is the 12/11 show being put on?