Monday, November 11, 2013

Dastangoi at Prithvi Theatre Fest

Team Dastangoi,

as part of the Prithvi Theatre Festival 2013,

presents three tales in the traditional Urdu storytelling form of Dastangoi

Two from `Tilism-e-Hoshruba` where Amar Aiyyaar, the chief trickster & Amir Hamza`s friend, with his disciples foil the mighty Hoshruba Emperor Afrasiyab`s plan to imprison him. He tricks both Afrasiyab`s sorcerers Aazar and Mahtaab Jadoo in disbelieving their own magical powers, and eventually kills them

And a tale of the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947, Dastan-e-Taqseem-Hind, which brings to the fore the absurdity and the tragedy of this cataclysmic event. The Partition tale will be performed for the first time since its inception six years back at the Prithvi Theatre. 

Director: Mahmood Farooqui 

Dastangos: Danish Husain, Rajesh Kumar, Rana Pratap Senger, Darain Shahidi

November 16, 6 pm
Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai.

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