Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Season, New Tales and New Dastangos

Team Dastangoi 
India Habitat Centre 

New Tales from the Tilism-e Hoshruba

 Afrasiyab, the Emperor of sorcerers and of the TIlism-e Hoshruba sends an ambassador, Qirtas Jadoo to his neighbour Emperor Kaukab Roshan Zameer, the ruler of TIlism-e Noor Afsha where his arch enemy Amar Aiyyar has taken shelter. Qirtas takes off with great fanfare traversing wondrous regions of the Tilism. Amar's disciples, the Aiyyars shadow him but he is too powerful a sorcerer to be easily fooled. On the way Qirtas captures Bahar, the powerful sorceress and the object of Afrasiyab's desires. The Aiyyars free her but Qirtas has now crossed over to the neighboring Tilism. Will he manage to kill Amar, will Aiyyars kill him before that and save their reputation?

Performed by Danish Husain and Mahmood Farooqui
This will be followed by two new women Dastangos 
Poonam Girdhani & Namita Singhai
Language: Urdu
Duration: Two Hours
August 1 and 2, Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre
Tickets can be bought at

Also available at the Programmes Desk for Rs.350, Rs.250 & Rs.100. 
An Old World Culture presentation

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