Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visuals from Alliance Francaise Performance

Ankit and Yojit on their debut regaling the unruly Delhi kids with Amir Hamza and Amar's childhood adventures.

We with our usual business of slaying Azlam Jadoo.

Muriel with her stories from all over the world, and even from outside of this world.
A photo journalist, I guess Rakesh Nair, has documented the Saturday Alliance Francaise performances on his blog Third Eye. A teaser here while you catch the action there.

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Ameen said...

Me and my begum were audience to your performance at Chausath Khamba on the evening of 10 Dec 2010 and I must confess we were more than impressed.

Please let us know if you have a fan page on Facebook so that we can be informed about your future performances.

More 'Dilli walas' need to again know, this amazing art.