Sunday, February 07, 2010

Homeward Bound--Dastangoi at Sarai, 9th February

All journeys, being caravans of sorts, need their resting posts, their home run. Sarai is Dastangoi's home stretch. This year is the tenth anniversary of Sarai. Dastangoi started at Sarai, nearly five years ago. It started at Sarai not in any casual passive sense. Sarai's fellowship got me started on Dastangoi and it was the enthusiastic, aggressive and rapturous response by Sarai that allowed Dastangoi to find a natural home in Delhi.

And Dastangoi and myself are only one off shoot of Sarai and its vision. There are hundreds of others. But since this is not the place to speak about Sarai I will let everyone find their own place in and around it.

We will perform the story that first started Dastangoi, many februarys ago.

Six pm, Sarai Lawns, 29 Rajpur Road.

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