Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dastangoi Workshop--Bombay 10th, 11th Sep 09

A two day preliminary workshop for budding Dastangos--

Venue- Prithvi House, Prithvi Theatre, Bombay

Time-10th/11th September 2009, 10-6

How to Apply-Write a mail to stating why you want to join the workshop, in as many words as you please. Entries first received will be given preference. Maximum number 30.

Workshop Plan--First session, general intro, a demo performance of a story by myself and Danish Husain.

Second session-Reading audition for the entire group. Sample page will be provided on the spot.

Second day-First session-Selected candidates will read longer passages.

Second session-Plan ahead for those selected, stories will be handed out and finally a creation based on the form will be performed to provide a direction for creating and performing your own stories.

Meanwhile those coming in should start preparing to enunciate Urdu alphabets. Ask around and get your KHES and QAAFS and GHAINS going...

Get the correct pronunciation of the following words--

Khatm, ghairat, sabaq, qissa, khana-kharab, takalluf, aqriba, khatm-shud.

See you there

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Piggy Little said...

makes me all excited!!! :-)